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Hideo Matsumoto

 Japanese photographer born in osaka in 1951 and he has been living in sweden for the past 40 years 

His collection of black & white art photos is impressive

He shoots with different type of cameras for example nikon and leica hideo also prefers to develop his black white pictures himself

Analog cameras capture images by exposing photographic film to light,with the scene in front of the lens being reproduced onto the material

thanks to the chemical reaction between the silver halides and the light itself.

The film is then developed in a darkroom and turned into an actual photographic print.

it’s much more complicated than it seems,but that’s part of what makes it fun for most photographers. 

All of his photos captures the moment through the camera with a skilled and personal touch of our surroundings

a well-composed image leads your gaze towards what a photographer want to show us and the main motif in his image

Photography is about to "paint" with light & shadows & contrast

to get the very best effects and dynamic in the selected composition in black & white or in colour and the image processing

a convenient way to do this is to arrange the picture elements so they fits together in a comfortable and natural way 

It's a still image of a moment that capture often a split second 

Many of Hideos photos have been exhibited in several countries

to mention a few places like : Stockholm, Söderhamn, Lathi, Helsinki, Tokyo, Fugisawa

You can find more informations about all of hideos exhibitions in the menu named "exhibitions"  ← click on the blue direct link

new book "sedan möttes vi i paris breven" photo hideo matsumoto & the author thomas nydahl

The photo serie " PICTURES FROM LISSABON " has been published 2000 in a book entitled lissabon-en promenadbok by  the AUTHOR THOMAS NYDAHL

Hideos photography have also been mentioned in Swedish newspapers and magazines  

last but not least hideo has made some book covers too

  "the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder"